Residential Cleaning

We are well aware of how hectic life can be at times.  Is there a big family get-together coming up? Maybe you’re expecting pals from out of town to stay with you? That’s why we tailor our cleaning programs to suit your individual needs.

The majority of our customers prefer routine cleaning appointments. Our weekly and biweekly services may be the ideal option for you if your house sees a lot of activity. They’ll free up some of your time while lowering the health risks to your family from germs, allergies, and other harmful things.

We go above and above to make our customers feel at home in their newly cleaned homes, cleaning everything from the kitchen and bathrooms to the bed linens.

With The PJB Clean, you can rely on a top house cleaning company for one-time services. Disinfecting and sanitizing treatments that are comprehensive, cheap, and effective are available. Our home cleaning professionals utilize ecologically friendly solutions that help eliminate germs on contact while also improving indoor air quality. The more time you save by hiring us, the more time you have to spend with your family and friends.

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Commercial Cleaning

Also, with commercial spaces because of the worker shortage, many businesses don’t have custodial or janitorial workers to keep their buildings and spaces clean. That’s where we come in and solve this issue for them.

PJB Clean Cleaning Systems has overcome many challenges, primarily due to pandemics. So, whether you’re a hotel seeking excellent common area cleaning or a medical institution in need of dependable janitorial services, we’re the company to call.

Managing and maintaining your commercial property and parking lots may require a significant amount of time and effort, but our cleaning expert team is here to assist. At PJB Cleaning, we combine free estimates and affordable pricing with excellent service and simple scheduling to offer one of the finest customer experiences in the industry, and we take the appearance of your home very seriously.

Our clients need a keen eye and a committed work ethic to care for their property, which is precisely what we provide at PJB Cleaning – from commercial power sweeping to.

Parking Lot Maintenance

We also provide litter/trash pickup for all building types and sizes. The PJB Clean is proud to provide parking lot, and driveway maintenance for our extensive grounds care services. Use this service to keep your parking lot or driveway from deteriorating.

Unrepaired cracks and potholes may develop over time, resulting in expensive repairs. You may save money by extending the life of your driveway or parking lot and avoiding the need for a complete replacement with a regular parking lot care.

Your parking lot’s lifetime will be drastically shortened if it is not maintained correctly. The first step is as simple as giving us a call right now! Our service specialists will evaluate your property for free and provide a recommendation for a parking lot management plan that meets your requirements while staying within your budget.

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Vehicle Disinfection
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Vehicle Disinfection

Great news! One highly sought-after service we will be adding shortly will be vehicle disinfection services and fleet.  For up to 90 days following treatment, our products kill germs and viruses while disinfecting hard and soft surfaces. Thanks to our permanent facilities and mobile solutions, we’ll clean, sterilize, and safeguard your cars no matter where they are.