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Move Out Cleaning- Call For Pricing

Consist of deep cleaning entire house or apartment using eco friendly products, includes: Bathrooms, Kitchen, All rooms, Windows, Heavy vacuuming, sweeping/swiffering, dusting- Trash & recycling removal

Deep Concierge Cleaning

Deep Clean of entire home using eco friendly products, Include: Floors, hard and glass surfaces, vacuuming, swiffering & dusting. Also include: Trash removal, recycling removal, Dishes washed & put away- Tidying of clutter with Light organization.

Concierge Cleaning

Basic light clean in 3 rooms of your home using all eco friendly products, includes: light cleaning of 3 rooms, light vacuuming/sweeping, swiffering/mopping, dusting (if applicable).

Sanitizing Cleaning

A thorough sanitizing of important "High Touch" areas of your home spaces.